Kindcoin Harnesses the Power of Blockchain to Do Good


Kindcoin is launching! We’re very excited about this project and hope you’ll be too. Help us support one of these awesome and worthy causes.

By helping out and giving to these great causes, you’ll not only be doing good, you’ll also be earning Kindcoins. Kindcoins are a digital currency secured by the blockchain that you can transfer, trade, pledge, or use as currency to get rewards on

Earn Kindcoins in just 3 easy steps:


1. Sign up at and, after you log in, make a note of your public Counterparty bitcoin address.

It looks just like any other bitcoin address, for example: 1Ctyb8iJVNwS6DrRiqmtaAkescrBniNBfa


2. Choose one of the following awesome causes:


See a list of current causes


3. Pledge and earn Kindcoins:

Go to your chosen cause page, select your amount (from $1 to $100), click on ‘Contribute Now’, finish the pledge process, and on the pledge confirmation page click on ‘Change your visibility’:


On the following page choose ‘Credited to another name’ and enter your Counterparty address:


Make sure the ‘Show the contribution amount check-box is checked! and click on ‘Save Changes’.



That’s it! Your contribution will shortly appear on the main campaign page under ‘Backers’. You will soon receive your Kindcoins to your Counterwallet address.


Learn more about the Kindcoin project

Spend your Kindcoins on awesome rewards!